On September 27 a new edition of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Day will be held at the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, organized by GrausTIC. SII Concatel is the silver sponsor of the event, and will actively participate in the debate on Cognitive Artificial Intelligence.

This year the DiadaTIC is organized under the title: “Inspiring the digital revolution: the humanization of technology”, with the firm conviction that technology and ICT should always be at the service of people and in the creation of a better future .

As in the past editions, the objective of this meeting is to debate and reflect on the new challenges and opportunities of ICT in the healthcare environment, business logistics, public administration, mobility of people and the impact of emerging artificial intelligence cognitive in different areas.

At 8:30 in the morning, at the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, the event will begin, with the distribution of the accreditations. David Quirós, councilor of Culture and Innovation at Ajuntament de Barcelona; Gerardo Pisarello, councilor of Barcelona en Comú at Ajuntament de Barcelona; Francesc Torres, rector of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Dani Pujol, president of Graus TIC, will be in charge of carrying out the opening ceremony.

At 10:15 the round of debates will begin, in which SII Concatel will participate actively. In 3rd Table there will be a debate entitled “The Impact of Cognitive Artificial Intelligence”, in which Joan Carrillo, General Director of SII Concatel, will speak with a presentation.

Access more information about the DiadaTIC in this link.

One more year, SII Concatel is present at this event, confirming its faithful commitment to innovation and the transformation of the world through technology.