In the context of its internationalization strategy for ServiceONE and in relation with its aim to take its infrastructure and service management tool to another level of competitiveness, SII Concatel has recently signed an agreement with Gartner, the leading market research and consulting company in the IT sector.

The signing of this agreement represents a strategic collaboration for the company when it comes to improving market positioning and improving its product to the requirements of a global and competitive market such as the one of the IT tools for the infrastructures and services management.

Gartner’s comprehensive research agenda will provide SII Concatel more insight on four key aspects of its business: customers, competitors, markets and technologies, and also information on how to apply that knowledge to achieve competitive advantages.

Key in this agreement has been the confidence of SII Concatel in the prestige, experience and excellence demonstrated by researchers and IT analysts of Gartner when it comes to elaborating useful answers to the questions posed by the future of work in digital environments and, specifically, in the field of Facility Management and ticketing tools, which is where ServiceONE is located in the market.

The company expects to receive from Gartner the necessary support to develop a global strategy adapted to the new trends and needs of each type of activity sector, as well as the establishment of new distribution models and go-to-market strategies with an appropriate approach to the growth objectives that the company has associated with its flagship product.

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