Rise With SAP was born to transform companies and turn them into smart companies, streamlining any process of business activity and providing added value. At SII Concatel we continue to work together with SAP to accompany companies on their way to the Smart Company.

SII Concatel bets on Rise with SAP, a solution for the transformation towards the intelligent company through the streamlining of business processes and standardization of operations. This commitment is given by the potential of the products that make up the Rise with SAP solution, which provide speed and flexibility, regardless of the size or characteristics of the companies, optimizing resources and minimizing efforts.

With Rise with SAP, we can create a new range of functionalities and also configure a pack of SAP solutions focused on providing business transformation services to clients. In this way, the objective of Rise with SAP is to be partner of companies on the way of their intelligent transformation and to be assistant for companies.

Thus, this package will allow redefining the transformation strategy towards the intelligent company in a way adapted to the business and following the best market practices. In addition, with Rise with SAP, companies will be able to speed up the technical migration to S/4HANA, allowing cloud scenarios, and integrate other SAP solutions, as well as implement business processes within the largest provider network in the world.

All in all, Rise with SAP is in charge of controlling service level agreements, operations and support. It will be the key ally for the optimization of processes, redesigning business operations with the aim of maximizing results, through best practices. On the other hand, it is the key solution for creating resilient companies, adapted to constant changes in the market, as well as for creating smart business, speeding up decision-making and optimizing the use of resources.

An adapted solution

This means that Rise with SAP was born as a package of solutions with the ultimate goal that companies streamline all their internal processes and be able to focus on the core of the business, scaling quickly without losing quality, providing intelligence and turning them into resilient companies in the face of market changes.

SAP is aware of the different needs of customers who are already working with its solutions or those who want to start now on the path to business transformation. For this reason, Rise with SAP offers companies different starting points to adapt to their specific requirements and needs. It also offers various implementation alternatives for SAP ERP, S4/HANA, in the cloud, with different service levels. Both with the integration of SAP solutions in its private cloud and through the provision of services for companies using different providers, it makes it easier for customers to streamline and migrate to the Cloud.

Furthermore, Rise with SAP has no barriers to implementing its solutions. Regardless of the characteristics of the companies, the solution offers an agile and flexible implementation adapted to the needs of each company and each business sector. Thus, even companies with low levels of IT background, little technical experience or with a limited budget will be able to integrate Rise with SAP for the integration of other SAP Cloud services, thus taking advantage of the flexibility and adaptability offered by the cloud.

The importance of expertise

At SII Concatel we have been a SAP Gold Partner for more than 15 years and we have been working as specialized providers of SAP solutions in our country. With each of our successes, we reaffirm the importance for companies to have a good partner that could accompany them, offering them differential added value through solutions such as Rise with SAP. In this way, the optimized and efficient implementation of the different solutions, with good support, will allow further progress in the transformation in each area of business management.

With us, companies will be able to take advantage of the full potential of S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Business Network Starter Pack or SAP Business Process Intelligence. We want to continue being the main character in the transformation of businesses that are in need of a quick escalation but without losing quality.