Attention FUNgenieur! Today in #SIITV we talk with Álvaro Carvajal, Business Manager at SII Conatel. Will you go with us to meet he?

  • Álvaro, tell us, in broad strokes, what your professional career has been?

I graduated in Business Administration and International Relations. I was always very attracted to Japan, so, I chose to specialize in Japanese culture and economics during the master’s degree. Before coming to SII Concatel I spent a year in Ho Chi Minh City, volunteering to train young people and help them find a job.

Back in Europe, I was interested in working as a commercial manager or project manager in a sector related to new technologies. I was immediately attracted to the concept of Business Manager in a consultancy like SII, due to the variety of activities that this role entails and the amount of things that can be learned on a day-to-day basis.

  • When did you arrive at SII Concatel?

I became part of SII Concatel in 2020, and today I’m very satisfied with this experience. I’m convinced that 2022 will be better.

  • What do you do in your day-to-day work? 

I accompany my collaborators in different projects, ensuring the quality and realization of these projects. My main concerns and challenges are the satisfaction of all the people I work with, both clients and colleagues.

  • What has SII Concatel given you since you arrived?

Every day since I started at SII Concatel has been a cocktail of experiences and challenges that have allowed me to continue developing both personality and professionally.

  • What do you like most about your job?

Every day is different, but in general, I’m in charge of managing the teams I work with to make sure that we are meeting the expectations of our customers.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I couldn’t say, 5 years is a lot!

  • How do you define your personality?

I think, I’m someone very organized, who can adapt to different situations.

We want to know who Álvaro is outside of SII Concatel…

  • Tell us…

I grew up in Montpellier, in the south of France, although as a child I spent all my summers in Spain, and for a little less than a year I have been living in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I appreciate nature and quit places. I really like to travel, discover unknown places, people and cultures that have nothing to do with mine. I’m passionate about languages and strive, in my free time, to learn as many as I can.

  • How do you define yourself personally?

I’m very curious, I like to learn new things, so I always try to reflect on my actions to continue improving continuously.

  • Your favourite place


  • Your dream trip

New Zeland

  • Your favourite food?

I’m passionate about all kinds of gastronomy, I don’t think I can choose one in particular.

  • Your favourite book

I wouldn’t know how to choose, although I particularly like the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.

  • Your favourite film

It’s to complicate to choose one, but probably “Lord Of The Rings”.

  • Your best commitment

Trying to be positive in any circumstance.

And I would like to end with a verse from a poem that I have always liked:

Walker, there is no way, the way is made by walking.


Thanks, Álvaro! A pleasure to meet you… We hope you achieve your all your goals and objectives with us! !