Software testing

The reliability and confidence you need to deliver quality

Our Software Testing services

We check that the developments comply with the functional specifications and with the rest of the requirements defined in the early stages of design and conceptualization of the software.

  • Unit and integration tests
  • Exploratory testing
  • End-to-end testing

We help our clients create quality mobile applications, testing their execution and ensuring that they work correctly on different platforms and devices.

  • Android, IOS, and Microsoft
  • Smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches

Our experts design, execute, and report embedded software defects. In this way, we verify the functional and non-functional attributes of both software and hardware in an integrated system.

We have teams of expert testers in agile methodologies, capable of integrating naturally into development projects from day one. Through frequent iterations and active collaboration, Agile Development Testing enables fast and efficient delivery of quality software.

  • Functional and technical testing
  • Automation

We are specialized in software testing and automation services on SAP systems. Being in continuous evolution, these ERP systems are in permanent continuous improvement. And, to ensure that the new developments are profitable and offer the highest quality, our experts are in charge of checking their correct operation and their impact on other key business processes.

  • Parametrization and performance tests
  • ABAP code analysis

Our technological competencies

Our complementary services

Quality Assurance
Test Automation
Technical Testing

Why SII Concatel?

We cover all aspects of software development

  • We detect critical errors in the different stages of the development cycle
  • We guarantee compliance with functional specification
  • Our main goal is to improve quality, performance, and user satisfaction
  • We are agile: we work with Agile, Scrum, DevOps and Design Sprint
  • We work with the main tools on the market
  • We are committed to you
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