SII Group has presented the annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, where all the SII entities are evaluated. This year, SII Concatel achieved the first place, a result that reflects the quality of our Social Responsibility practices and our commitment in this area.

This year we celebrate obtaining the first position among all the entities that are part of the Group, with a total score of 92%. Together with us, in the top positions, are also SII France, SII Germany, SII Romania and SII Poland.

This evaluation is based on various indicators established by the Group on issues as environment, good business practices, sustainability, and values ​​and social respect.

We are proud of the achievements of all the companies of the SII Group. Thanks to the commitment and the union of all of us, we have achieved great results.

Thus, of all the entities that are part of the SII Group…

  • 70% carry out comprehensive and detailed risk assessments
  • 80% of us have promote plans for the well-being and quality of life of our employees
  • 100% annually evaluate the evolution of each of our employees
  • 100% of us have a Code of Ethics
  • 80% have policies to prevent discrimination
  • 87% of us promote sustainable way of life
  • 80% of us have a person who is specifically in charge of everything that concerns the environment and sustainability
  • 80% of us have specific procedures that guarantee the security of our information
  • 47% of us have specific codes of conduct for suppliers, and we include environmental clauses in contracts

We hope that next year we can see even better results. Congratulations to all!