On April 14 and 15, took place the second part of the Information and Communication Technologies Day (Diada TIC) for the period 2020-2021, organized by GrausTIC. This was mainly focused on technology as a tool for a more sustainable and healthy life. As sponsors of the event, we also actively participated in it, through our General Director Joan Carrillo, who was moderator of one of the round tables.

Joan Carrillo, General Director of SII Concatel, was the moderator of the round table entitled “Responsible production and consumption”, within the framework of the ICT Day, whose common thread was technology for a more sustainable and healthy life. The table discussed the unsustainability of the current economic model, the prevailing need to invest in technology that facilitates more sustainable production, and the development of more efficient waste management through the promotion of pedagogy among consumers. to raise awareness of the environmental and social impact generated by the acquisition of certain products and services.

Various companies participated in this round table, such as Soprasteria, Tecnocampus, Fundación Orange and Mercabarna, thanks to which a very fruitful and interesting debate was generated and from which we hope ideas and projects have emerged to work with more sustainable production models, and that the technology is the key tool to achieve it.

From SII Concatel we are proud that this edition is being as productive and enriching as the previous ones. And one more year, we ratify our faithful commitment to innovation and the transformation of the world through technology.

Joan Carrillo Director General de SII Concatel modera mesa redonda

The Information and Communication Technologies Day is one of the most important events in the sector. The last edition that could be held in person was last 2019, and it welcomed more than 1,000 participants. In 2020, given the coronavirus crisis, Graus TIC opted for a split format and in online mode, the first part of which was held last September with great success. In this second part, the event has focused on Technology as a tool for a more sustainable and healthy life.