SII Concatel participates, for the second consecutive year, in ApadrinaTIC, a programme that seeks to ensure the training of IT talent to students affected by the pandemic.

The second edition of ApadrinaTIC has already started, a project led by CTECNO that was born from the Covid-19 crisis to support students in the IT sector affected by the pandemic. SII Concatel is part of this initiative in its commitment to the training of future IT talent.

The event was attended by several companies in the sector and members of CTECNO, as well as the different collaborating universities and students who will benefit from this second edition of the programme. This event served to launch the initiative in this second year, as well as to offer the participants the keys to the programme.

Attendees were able to learn the functioning of this second edition, which will connect companies and students through mentors. The scholarship holders will be able to participate in a wide variety of activities, as well as work interactively through a Linkedin group. On the other hand, the mentors, strategic professionals from different companies in the sector such as SII Concatel, will establish regular meetings with the students and will accompany them in their training from the beginning to the end of the project.

In addition, the 2022 activity plan was presented at the event, with continuous sessions from March to June. The activities will be structured in three blocks: work orientation and knowledge of the company, areas of technological interest and management, and participation in company activities. Thus, the beneficiary students will be able to enrich their training through sessions such as “How an ICT company works”, taught by professionals from SII Concatel, or participate for a week in one of our business projects.

Increase in the budget for scholarships

In this second edition, which will benefit 31 students affected by the Covid-19 crisis, the initiative will have a budget of 30,000 euros in scholarships, 23% more than the previous edition, provided by CTECNO’s partner companies, such as SII Concatel. In addition, this year there will be a second enrolment grant for students who have demonstrated their effort to pass their studies, and the mentoring programme will be extended to students in their final year of their degree.

The aim of ApadrinaTIC is to ensure a pool of new professionals in the IT sector and to avoid students dropping out of training due to a lack of resources. For this reason, the initiative arose with the aim of supporting the affected students through a programme of scholarships and mentoring sessions, given by professionals from different companies in the sector, including SII Concatel.

With our collaboration, we remain committed to the creation of IT talent and we continue in our commitment to the generation of opportunities in a sector in constant growth.