During last Monday was celebrated the Deiser & Atlassian Enterprise Day, the most important business event about Atlassian in Spain. The event took place at the Hotel W in Barcelona, a unique building that is undoubtedly an incomparable place for the celebration of this day, dedicated to sharing successes, experiences and Atlassian solutions for companies.

This event gave attendees, once again, the opportunity to learn how companies implement and use these tools. In this way, they had the opportunity to hear success stories from companies such as Deiser, T-Systems, Red Points, Atlassian, Desigual, Netcentric or Seibert Media, who explained in detail their most important and innovative projects.

The day began with the intervention of Guillermo Montoya, CEO of DEISER – the company that organized the event- , who offered an introductory talk, focused on the experience of working with Atlassian during the last 10 years.

One of the most interesting interventions was the Red Points one, a company that is taking important steps in the cyber security market, which was given by CTO, Juan Galdeano, who was also CTO of SII Concatel for many years. He showed the Assistants how it has been its development cycle with the different Atlassian tools.

As interesting were the others interventions, such as Fernando Sánchez, who, on behalf of Desigual, shared the particular reasons why a company in the fashion sector implements and uses Atlassian tools, or Esteban Casuscelli, one of Atlassian’s Enterprise Support Engineers, who spoke about care and creation of bespoke support services with a talk entitled ‘Premium Support.’

So, one more year, concluded an intense and fruitful day. In SII Concatel we have always supported the holding of this kind of conference, since we work with Agile methodologies and tools (mainly Scrum methodology and Atlassian suite tools) that we use in our own product and customer development, because it guarantees a quality services despite the offshore distribution of our equipment worldwide. Thus, we want to congratulate the organization of the event and encourage them to continue disseminating knowledge.