We believe in innovation

We dedicate a part of our activity to technological research and development, at the same time, we participate in several of the most important European projects dedicated to R&D

Proyecto ACE-IT


The Adaptive Content Engine for Intelligent Tourism Project seeks to reinvent tourism experiences through the development of a Framework that allows automating the laborious process of creating and providing personalized and high-quality content. It is based on the application of the most innovative concepts for the collection, processing and provision of personalized content, combining different techniques and methodologies.


OXILATE is the successor to the successful ITEA 14035 REFLEXION project. This project focuses on the complementary integration of expert knowledge to develop support and tools for professionals. The goal is to empower them to transform their respective business activities, making them more proactive and effective, and to create direct business value throughout the life cycle of the product they work on.

Oxilate Project
IVVES Project


The IVVES project systematically develops AI approaches for robust industrial grade verification and validation, or machine learning for the control of complex and mission critical systems and services. IVVES will develop the three-way approaches to cover three main aspects in quality development for SAA. IVVES methods, techniques and tools will be promoted and evaluated in the following case studies: Transportation and Automotive, Finance, Health, Telecommunications, Cyber ​​Security, Industrial Automation and Agriculture and Forestry.

IoD Internet of DevOps – Celtic Plus C2017/3-2

The IoD (Internet of DevOps) project aims to promote the design and mass adoption of improved services in the DevOps context, applied to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The IoD Consortium is made up of a group of companies and multisectoral organizations that develop global strategies for participation in international R&D programs, among whose members is SII Concatel.

Devops Project
Celtix Next Project

RELIANCE – Celtic Plus C2017/3-8

The international RELIANCE project has as its main objective the provision and deployment of a new level of services through a more flexible network architecture. The initiative positions RELIANCE and the consortium responsible for the project, in a leadership position in network research, fully in line with the objectives of the Celtic Plus program on enhanced connectivity.

Fiona – ITEA 2

SII Concatel has worked on the FIONA – Framework for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Assistance project, within the Smart Growth Program (Feder), with the aim of developing a modular and accessible framework that supports core indoor and outdoor location and navigation functionalities, and that facilitates the development of applications and services based on said framework.

Fiona Project

Completed projects

Artemis – Copcams

The Cognitive and Perceptive Camera Systems (COPCAMS) project is based on the most recent advances in embedded computing platforms for the design, prototyping and testing of a large-scale artificial vision system that will offer a new generation of devices associated with artificial vision.

Artemis Project
Eureka Project

CALEIS – Eureka

SII Concatel continues to invest in research and development with its participation in the CALEIS project. It is a EUREKA R&D project led at European level by SII Concatel, together with the Spanish SME Saint Patrich Technology S.L. and the Austrian Bit Media e-solutions Ltd. CALEIS aims to generate a comprehensive adaptive learning environment based on existing open standards.

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SII Concatel at Diada TICWhat´s new
24 de November de 2022

SII Concatel participates and sponsors the Diada TIC 2022

SII Concatel sponsors, for the fifth consecutive year, the Diada TIC, focused this year on "Metaverse and new realities". In addition, we have actively participated…
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15 de November de 2022

SII Group consolidates its upward trend and growth targets

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SII Concatel realiza Speed Dating con estudiantes del Campus 42 de TelefónicaWhat´s new
7 de November de 2022

SII Concatel holds a Speed Dating session with students from Telefónica Campus 42

SII Concatel participates in a rapid interview workshop with students of the educational project Campus 42 of the Telefónica Foundation.
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