Fungenieur Movement

FUNgenieurs are the essence of SII. Their way of working, their technical skills and their ability to face work and life with curiosity and creativity is what makes them unique. A FUNgenieur works by sharing with everyone else what makes him vibrate and smile. Work with dedication, with commitment, and above all, with passion.


We believe in technological innovation, and that is why we dedicate part of our resources to Research and Development, and we participate in several of the most important European projects dedicated to R&D&i.


We enjoy inside and outside of work, with leisure activities that promote complicity between our professionals: sporting events, solidarity actions, family activities and a long etcetera. Because we know that enjoying everything we do is key to achieving our challenges.

Celebrate together

We take care of ours: flexible hours, daycare, restaurant and transport ticket, health insurance, annual medical check-ups, free hours, continuous training or career plans, among many other advantages.


We are honest, committed and caring, and we are prepared every day to take on new challenges, inside and outside of work. We strive for our goals and share our achievements.


They are an essential part of our essence. We support female talent and participate in various events, conferences, activities and other types of initiatives that have the objective of empowering women and girls in the IT world.

Women IT

For more than eleven years we have always opted for the use of Agile Methodologies. Today we have a large number of certified experts in this type of methodology designed to guarantee uniformity in the quality of our work.


We are optimistic, rigorous, collaborative, passionate, versatile, creative, fun and curious, and we believe in technology as a tool to build a better world.


We work in a scenario where quality, innovation, effort, teamwork and proactivity are a daily constant. We encourage the creativity of FUNgenieurs and we listen and value all their ideas and projects.

Intrapreneur Ship

We have created the #FUNgenieurMovement


 The #FUNgenieurMovement is the one that encompasses all those people who believe in technology as a tool to change the world. People who are proud to be the main protagonists of the new digital revolution. They, our FUNgenieurs, are the foundation of this movement, and they have a common passion: technology.

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What´s new
14 de June de 2021

SII Concatel participates in the European R&D project that will transform tourism experiences

Experience tourism and the concept of responsible and sustainable tourism are gaining more and more followers. The European ACE-IT Project seeks to reinvent tourism experiences…
ServiceONE ESM is now GXP Compliance tool, for the Health & Pharma sectorWhat´s new
14 de June de 2021

ServiceONE strengthens its commitment to the Life & Science sector and becomes a GxP Compliance Tool

ServiceONE ESM has passed the Oqotech audit for the GxP & ITIL Compliance Tool standards, and therefore becomes a quality guarantee for companies in the…
What´s new
1 de June de 2021

77% of Spanish companies plan to address their digital transformation through Agile Methodologies

The pandemic has been a litmus test for all those organizations that had not yet adopted the principles and ways of working of the Agile…
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