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We are a united team and we have a common goal: to build a scenario where quality, innovation, experience, effort, teamwork and proactivity are a daily constant

We offer IT services and solutions all over the world. We have been responding, for more than 40 years, to all types of industries and sectors, offering them a comprehensive value proposition to face their digital transformation and innovation challenges.

We believe in innovation and dedicate a part of our activity to a wide range of areas of research and technological development, while participating in several of the most important European projects dedicated to R&D.

At SII we know what is truly important to our employees. We offer you a personalized career plan, flexible hours, teleworking, social benefits, creative thinking spaces and a long etcetera.

Aware of the role we play as a global company in the provision of technological services, we are committed to the 2030 Agenda and we always act in favor of the development of technologies that respect the environment and the society. Our goal is to achieve, through technology, the development of a more just, sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian and respectful society.

Working as a team is, without a doubt, the added and differential value that accompanies us in all our projects. And in our way of understanding work. We are a cohesive, honest, committed and supportive team that is prepared every day to take on new challenges. We work with optimism, rigor, creativity, and above all, with passion, and we know that to achieve excellent results, we are all essential.

We are a united team that share passions. We enjoy inside and outside of work, with leisure activities that promote complicity between our professionals: sporting events, solidarity actions, family activities and a long etcetera. In addition, we support each other, recognize the efforts of our colleagues and share their successes. Because we know that enjoying everything we do is key to achieving our challenges.

We are IT World Changers

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  • We meet the expectations of our clients

  • We guarantee the well-being of our employees

  • We work with suppliers who share our values and principles

  • We grow responsibly

  • We are a sustainable company

  • We contribute to improving our society

Our values


We adapt in the best way to the requirements and specifications of our clients


We work on continuous improvement, and the main certifications guarantee us


Our team is made up of a group of passionate, creative, honest, and deeply committed people


We have an open, sincere, and transparent relationship with our clients


We are fully involved to ensure that the expectations of our customers are met

Efficacy & Utility

We understand our customers and look for solutions that provide maximum value


We are committed to the 2030 Agenda and we work to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs


Our working conditions ensure equal opportunities between people

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SII Concatel obté el certificat Achilles Gold en matèria de sostenibilitatWhat´s new
13 de September de 2021

We have obtained a new recognition in sustainability: Achilles certifies us with the Gold Level

SII Concatel has obtained the Achilles Gold Sustainability Certificate, a recognition that evaluates and accredits our performance in issues of organizational governance, social and community…
SII Concatel en proyecto europeo i+D+iWhat´s new
14 de June de 2021

SII Concatel participates in the European R&D project that will transform tourism experiences

Experience tourism and the concept of responsible and sustainable tourism are gaining more and more followers. The European ACE-IT Project seeks to reinvent tourism experiences…
ServiceONE ESM is now GXP Compliance tool, for the Health & Pharma sectorWhat´s new
14 de June de 2021

ServiceONE strengthens its commitment to the Life & Science sector and becomes a GxP Compliance Tool

ServiceONE ESM has passed the Oqotech audit for the GxP & ITIL Compliance Tool standards, and therefore becomes a quality guarantee for companies in the…
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